Reading groups

Here I will list the reading groups or seminars in which I will be participating/organising. I will also occasionally upload some notes taken at each of the seminars. My notes can (and will usually) be a bit sloppy, and I declare myself responsible for any mistakes in them.

Fractal Weyl laws. This reading group was held on the first term of year 2016-2017:

17/10Jimmy TsengSymbolic spaces, Hausdorff dimension, Thermodynamic formalismhere
24/10Sebastian MullerNon-fractal Weyl lawshere
31/10Felipe PérezThermodynamic formalismhere
07/11Felipe PérezIterated functions systems, transfer operatorhere
14/11Thomas JordanJulia sets, determinant formulashere
21/11Felipe PérezZeta functions, zeroes countinghere
28/11Sebastian MullerNon-fractal Weyl lawsLost

Statistical properties in hyperbolic dynamics: course from the Houston Summer School on Dynamical Systems 2019 by the Department of Mathematics of the University of Houston. For more information, see here.

03/06Matt NicolLimit laws in Dynamical systemshere
04/06Matt NicolMartingale approximationhere
05/06Andrew TörökQuasi-compactnesshere
06/06Will OttCouplinghere